Athletes vs Crohn’s & Colitis Leadership

Pamela Weber, MD, Executive Board; Kaare Weber, MD, President; Larry Nance Jr, Co-Founder; Hailey Pince, Executive Director; Noah Weber, Co-Founder; Sydney Weber, President Junior Board


Noah Weber
Larry Nance Jr.


Hailey Nance, Executive Director
Kaare Weber, MD, President
Casey Nance
Pamela Weber, MD
Jennifer Shultz
Jay and Sari Canell
Neil Canell
Marla Dubinsky, MD
Jennifer Pink, Director of Operations

Friends of AVC

Loren Canell
Dina and Jason Cohen
Judy and Steve Cooperman
Felisa and Michael Disanto
Heather and Mark Feldman
Lisa and Andy Feldman
Dorothy and Kenneth Finger
Eve and Carl Finger
Gwen and Dan Finger
Paul Fragner, MD
Bonnie and Joshua Greenwald, MD’s
Jennifer and Adam Gross
Alysa Hantgan
Lee Joffe
Rikki and Howard Lane, MD’s
Bina and Sachin Mehra
Amy and Alex Morik
Melissa and Neil Roth, MD
Ronald Shultz
Stephanie Sims, MD and Jonathan Sims
Gaby and Mark Tullman, MD
Anna and Martin Schapiro, DDS
Joan and Carl Weber, MD
Monica and Adam Weber
Linda and Philip Weber, MD
Kimberly Yee, MD

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